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Let’s take the journey together towards better health, book in today! 

Hi, I’m

Loretta Singh

 clinical nutritionist

I am the Clinical Nutritionist behind Nourish with Loretta. I hold a Bachelors degree in Health Science majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics. I have spent many years of my life having a negative relationship with my body and a negative relationship with food. I have been both an over eater and under eater spending years of life either overeating or in a deprivation cycle.


Once I began to study Nutrition and understand my body is unique and worthy to be loved and nourished I began the long process of healing my life and began to see a change with my relationship towards my body and with food. I believe our lives are meant to be lived to fullest and enjoyed and I also believe eating wholefoods is a part of fulfilling this. I do not label foods as good or bad and enjoy eating all food groups. So, join me in this realistic down to Earth approach to life and eating with the Nourish with Loretta Movement. 


Founder of Nourish with Loretta

Bachelor of Health Science Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine

ANTA Registered

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How i can help you!

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Easy to follow recipes for healthy eating

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Embrace movement as part of you weekly routine for optimal energy and vitality.

Tips and tricks to leading a healthier life

Strategies to live fully in your purpose

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how i can help
Are you always on the go?

By the end of the day you are so tired yet wired and have difficulties with sleeping, your weight, mood or menstrual health?

Are you reaching for caffeine to get through your day or a hit of sugar in the afternoon before dinner?


In our modern fast-paced world our bodies are under constant stress. Did you know our minds have not evolved to distinguish the difference between our pre-historic threats of say a saber tooth tiger and today’s modern-day perceived stresses of say a never-ending workload or scrolling through Instagram and feeling our lives don’t measure up to the ones we see online. This is where I can help!


There are so many nutritional and lifestyle interventions I can help you implement to see a real and lasting change in your life, your energy, your mood, how you interact with others in relationships and on a day to day basis.  

What does Loretta have to offer?


Yogurt with Fruit

Over-night oats

Cooking Eggs

Easy Omelette

Roasted Turkey

Lemon Roast Chicken


How i can help you!
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