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I like most women have had issues with my body

Growing up I was a very small, trim and petite child and was always esteemed for being skinny. At the time I had no context of what the fuss was about and brushed off all these “compliments”. As I began to get older and a few traumatic things occurred in my life and I began to escape and comfort myself with food, me weight began to creep up higher and higher. The compliments stopped, the criticism for my body grew and with that disorder eating approaches began in my life. I have yo-yoed with my weight for my entire adult life.


At 18 years I lost weight via pure starvation, I was living off under 500 calories per day and would ration out my calories. It was an utter and total miserable time in my life.

I was getting so much praise for my weight changes and no one knew they were only making my eating disorder worse. Flash forward a decade many personal and mental health challenges in between and my weight had sky rocketed to over 100kgs. Through the process of healing my life I decided to take control of my life and last year I underwent weight loss surgery via sleeve gastrectomy. Form a negative opinion if you want, what you think of me is not my business, but for me the surgery was life changing. It’s been a tool that has allowed me to live the life I deserve to live away from the trauma, hurt and pain of my past.




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