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Most people know what ‘healthy’ foods are, but not everyone knows how to create a delicious nutritious meal. I believe in whole foods, flexible eating and realistic cooking without unrealistic standards. Here at the clinic, I incorporate current scientific nutritional medicine, as well as therapeutic approaches to tailor take the fear out of foods, educate people around how to instinctually eat and listen to the body’s natural calls.
My nutrition clinic operates around you, connecting your health goals to your health needs. Unlike most health programs or meal plans, treatments in the clinic are individualised and set at an achievable pace preparing you to succeed on your own (and off of a set meal plan). Health isn’t linear, and like all good things, it takes time to often see changes.

How i can help you!

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Easy to follow recipes for healthy eating

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Embrace movement as part of you weekly routine for optimal energy and vitality.

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Tips and tricks to leading a healthier life

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Strategies to live fully in your purpose



One on one

A one-hour consultation is conducted after you fill out a questionnaire form and diet diary and send them back to me. We then take a thorough case history exploring various body systems and lifestyle habits and then an individualised treatment plan is formulated just for you. Booking a consult with me is a collaborative process where you are in the driver’s seat and we work together to help you achieve your goals.


Client education is the basis of our collaborative process my greatest hope for you is to take charge of your health and achieve long term sustainable results. I am a very realistic, down to earth nutritionist who believes in enjoying food, eating all foods and that a healthy lifestyle can be fit into our modern world with the right adjustments.

What do you get:

  • Dietary analysis

  • Health history analysis

  • Individualised treatment plan

  • Ongoing support and coaching

  • Client Education

  • A Non-judgemental, unbiased and empathetic Clinician  


Taking charge of your health can be overwhelming, taking the first step is often the hardest so by choosing to get help from a qualified professional (that’s me) you are taking the pressure off yourself. In today’s world there is sooooo much dietary advice out there, and a lot of it is misinformed. This is where I come in to help you sift through the non-sense and the right stuff for your situation. I am a qualified Clinical Nutritionist who wants to help you on your health journey,


I am very excited to hear from your and get the process started!


Clapping Audience

Cooperate Health Talks

Book a Nutritionist for the day! I can provide health talks on an array of topics such as weight management, sleep management, gut health, stress adaptation, women’s health, men’s health, tips for a healthy lifestyle and so much more! Get into contact with me for prices and what I can offer. I can also demonstrate healthy cooking live on the day if you’re team are interested!

What do you get:

  • A Nutritionist for the day

  • Structured and in-depth presentation on chosen health topic/topics

  • Live demonstration of how to cook healthy meals

  • Questions can be asked throughout the talk, where qualified advice is appropriately provided

  • Q and A can be organised post presentation, ensure your staff are made aware and ask them to write down their health queries!  


A fun day away from the mundane tasks of work where your employee’s health take centre stage. This is a reflective process where all individuals present can check in with their current lifestyle and see if they’re living at their optimum and best. If they aren’t it’s an opportunity to take some steps towards better health. A healthy individual becomes a healthy employee. When we feel better within ourselves we have more clarity, are able to be more present within our relationships, particularly in the workplace. Being healthy will have an add on effect on all areas of life including; boosting confidence, boosting workplace relationships, boosting workplace output through mental clarity and increased energy thus increasing productivity and interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

Have a question!

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